Hairline Rejuvenation?

Seriously, are you ready for real visible results.  Tired of the temporary sprays, crayons and mascaras.  They run, sweat & can rub off ... so embarrassing.  Plus they only fix the problem for a day or two.

There has never been a faster better solution to hair loss around the edges.   Micropigmentation is a semi-permanent instant solution for hair loss.

YOU walk out the door with visible results.

Let's restore, rebuild & make whole the hairline nature gave you but time & genetics has taken away.  The nose is the center of the face but the hairline is the frame.  Restoring it is very rewarding.

YOU WALK OUT THE DOOR with visible results.

Experience & Passion

Jacqui served on Oprah's "Live your best life" tour as a beauty authority. Her work has been published in Ebony, Essence, Upscale, Sister2Sister & many other magazines.

 Jacqui is an licensed master cosmetologist/esthetician & has developed hair & skin products for Amazon.

She is the author of the best selling book "Microblading basics".

She is also an artist.  Her paintings are on exibition at the Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport.

Micropigmentaion is where science, art and beauty meet.

"I LOVE to see clients first look in the mirror !"   Jacqui

Honored to serve you

YOUR privacy is of the utmost importance.  Our services are performed in a private suite by appointment only.

InstantHairline service is a fast, flawless, permanent & a cost effective solution to balding or thinning. Low cost financing is available thru UnitedMedicalCredit.com

We can give you a hairline or add the appearance of density (fill-in areas that appear thin or scarred) with little to no maintenance required by you.

We will customize your new hairline for face shape & hair color.

We strive to help you improve your quality of life, raise your self esteem, achieve your goals, & to live your best life possible

Since 1993

Get Rejuvenated!

Scalp Micropigmentation creates the look of a shaved or short hairs  coming through the scalp by strategically placing custom blended dermatologic pigments that look like short or shaved hair. This works in totally bald areas (so you never look bald again) and to add a look of fullness on thin hair or scars (to make them virtually disappear).

We are proud to provide a high quality level of customer service plus a commitment & passion for excellence. Our goal is to make you look your absolute best as quickly as possible.

She will assess your historic & current hairline to create a custom rejuvenation plan that frames your face & is just right for you. desired density. Working with longer hair usually takes more time then working with shaved or short hairstyles.

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The Real Deal

Scalp micropigmentation is delivered over 2 – 3 sessions. Pigments are placed into the scalp creating the  look of a hair follicle that is breaking through the scalp. If you are balding this allows you to get the look of  shaved hair. If you have thin hair we can remove the contrast  between hair & scalp making the hair look instantly thicker & fuller.

The time for each session depends on the size of the area & the desired density. Working with longer hair usually takes more time then working with shaved or short hairstyles


Why wait? Get your hairline back TODAY!